Saturday, December 14, 2013

Evolution of Venom

     The title of this video is, The Evolution of Venom.
     This video shows how venom have evolve over millions of years which started from reptiles such as Komodo Dragon. Venom have made a balance in the animal kingdom, when we think about evolution, we only think about size, shape and speed. But venom have made a difference, which means that a small animal might also be able to kill a larger animal or an animal bigger than itself
     *Venom started evolving millions of years ago to make a balance in the animal kingdom.
     *Komodo Dragon does not kill its prey with bacteria in his saliva, instead it kills its prey also by venom, which is produced by its venom glends which is located in its lower jaws.
     * Between warm-blooded-animals and cold-blooded-animals there are more animals that are poisonous in the cold-blooded-animals family because they need to kill its prey in a short period of time as their body temperature depends on their surrounding temperature.

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